Crop production

The main activity of AVIS UKRAGRO is crop production. The company's production facilities are located in four districts of the Sumy region.
AVIS UKRAGRO specializes in growing grain and industrial crops. Production is carried out with innovative technologies in combination with the best traditions of agriculture, which helps to increase yields and product quality.

The main crops grown in the fields of our company are corn and soybeans. It is important for us to use each hectare of arable land efficiently.

To do this, we:

  1. We attract the best agronomists, engineers and machine operators;
  2. We use the most modern equipment of brands “CASE", “New Holland", “Great Plains", “Claas", “KUHN", “ANNABURGER", “MANITOU", “J&M", “Amazone";
  3. We use only the best seed material-intensive hybrids of corn from Monsanto, Pioneer, high-yielding varieties of soybeans of Canadian selection;
  4. We regularly analyze the soil in each field.

Careful treatment of natural resources, an efficient organization of production, and premium quality seeds allow us to accomplish desired results consistently whilst remaining a socially responsible enterprise.


The leading livestock industry of AVIS UKRAGRO is dairy farming.

Dairy farming is one of the leading branches of agriculture, which occupies an important place in our business. It provides quality milk for processing plants, valuable organic fertilizers for crop production, and employment opportunities in the regions.

Improving the efficiency of livestock development is carried out through the use of innovative technologies and modern equipment and the creation of appropriate conditions for keeping animals healthy, their balanced feeding and restoration of potential.

Today the number of cattle is about 1120 heads (according to LLC “AF" Dovira 2008 “- 720 heads, LLC" AF “Kozelne" – 400 heads), of which the main dairy herd of cows is about 480 heads. To support this area, the company operates two meat and dairy farms. Milking of cows is carried out at the expense of a modern milk pipeline.

Animals are kept in four-row cowsheds and in summer on pastures.

The main breeds of cows:

  1. Simmental breed.
  2. Holstein breed.

In addition, there is constant work to increase the number of dairy herds, given the significant prospects for the development of this industry. The company fully provides itself with a fodder base, making it possible to maintain stable profitability.

Every day AVIS UKRAGRO sells more than 12 tons of milk of the “Extra" class, with a fat content of 4.0% and a protein content of 3.2% to Ukrainian dairies.

Grain Industry LLC

Grain Industry LLC is a new powerful grain elevator with its own certified laboratory, located in the village of Nizy, Sumy district, Sumy region, near the Nizy railway station. Built in 2014.

The modern complex consists of high-tech imported equipment – Italian (BONFANTI), American (SUKUP, SWEET), French (TOUT POUR LE GRAIN) and Swiss (BUHLER AG) production.

Grain Industry LLC provides a full range of services for receiving, storing, shipping, cleaning and drying grain and oilseeds, as well as conducting their analysis in its own laboratory.

The entire system of technological process and quality control is automated and guarantees the most reliable and economical approach to drying, cleaning, storage and transportation of grain.

Grain Industry LLC cooperates with the leading grain traders of Ukraine, which gives the opportunity to sell agricultural products directly in the elevator warehouse.

At the end of October 2018, the new AVIS ZERNOTRADEelevator, which is part of the AVIS UKRAGRO group of companies, began its operation by accepting corn and soybean grains.

The elevator is located in the village. Belovod, Romensky district of Sumy region. The capacity of the new facility allows storing 39 thousand tons of grain and oilseeds at the same time, of which 30 thousand tons are placed in three tens of thousands and 9 thousand tons in six and a half thousand.
Here the choice fell on the domestic manufacturer KMZ Industries. To date, the first stage of the elevator with a total design capacity of 75 thousand tons has been implemented.

Grain receiving capacity is 6 thousand tons/day, which is more than 200 trucks with grain. The drying and transport equipment of the American company Sukup is installed on the elevator and the cleaning machine (separator) – of the Swiss company Buhler. The elevator has a modern certified laboratory according to the HACCP system equipped with all the necessary latest equipment of both domestic and foreign production.

The elevator can ship up to 6 thousand tons/day for rail transport, as well as railway cars – route shipments of 54 cars per day.

The granary employs 85 people


One of the main conditions for the development of productive forces of the agricultural sector of the economy is the widespread introduction into the production of scientific and technological progress.

For the application of intensive technologies of cultivation of crops, AVIS UKRAGRO is completed with a full set of modern agricultural machinery, production “CASE", “Geringhoff", “Great Plains", “Claas", “KUHN", “ANNABURGER", “MANITOU", and also trucks for transportation of grain.

The use of high-performance imported equipment makes it possible to meet the company's own needs and provide agricultural machinery services to other farms.

Yes, AVIS UKRAGRO provides services for:

  1. harvesting of early grain and industrial crops;
  2. transportation of grain and industrial crops;
  3. grain transhipment services;
  4. services of the disk mounted mower “Disko 3600 TRC", production of Claas firm;
  5. field spraying services with self-propelled sprayers.

SERVICES OF Grain Industry LLC

The elevator provides a full range of services for the acceptance, storage, shipment, cleaning and drying of cereals and oilseeds. The state-of-the-art laboratory of Grain Industry LLC determines all physical indicators of grain and oilseeds quality.

Grain Industry LLC offers services at the lowest rates in the Sumy region.


The elevator can take 4,500 tons of raw materials per day. For shipment of products from the Elevator 2 knots are provided – automobile and railway, with a total capacity of 5500 tons a day.


In the production and technological laboratory of the elevator, qualified specialists determine all physical indicators of grain and oilseeds quality. In our activity, we use high-precision equipment from European manufacturers, including the INFRATEC NOVA grain analyzer, which allows us to provide quality and fast customer service.


The grain entering the elevator undergoes a two-stage cleaning: first on a scalpel and then on a separator.
Drying of grain and oilseeds is carried out on two drying plants manufactured by SUKUP (America) and BONFANTI (Italy). The productivity of this process, with the removal of 5% moisture, is 5120 tons per day.


The grain brought to commodity conditions is stored separately by types and classes of grain crops in 6 granaries of silo type, with a total capacity of 60 thousand tons.

Poultry production

“Avis-Ukraine" LLC is a modern poultry complex, one of the leaders of Ukrainian market in the production of chicken eggs.

The company's main activities are breeding poultry, wholesale and retail trade in food, the cultivation of cereals and soybeans, and its own compound feed. The production capacity of the enterprise is located in the Sumy region.

Despite its young age, Avis-Ukraine LLC has significant experience in agricultural production. Society, in its consistent and systematic development policy, strives for consistency, efficiency and profitability. We are convinced that the pledge of a successful company is not merely a financial component but also a high standard of doing business at all its stages.

Chicken egg “Avis-Ukraine" is of high quality,
which is achieved thanks to:

  • the livestock of the best European breeds of laying hens.
  • high standards of poultry keeping.
  • a complete feeding ration.

The balanced feed contains: corn and soybeans, soy meal, amino acids and vitamins.

The feed does not contain: antibiotics, biostimulants and animal substances origin and GMO.

Balanced feeding with the use of a vitamin complex and
high standards of poultry keeping allow the production of chicken eggs with a strong shell, high vitamin content, bright
yolk and excellent taste.

To ensure production's high quality and safety, our modern laboratory quickly and efficiently performs all the necessary tests, including the ovoscope. During the day, there is a collection of eggs in the henhouse, sorting, packaging and shipment of
fresh chicken egg to the consumer.